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Our mission is to ensure, through individualized personal support, empowerment, and providing free information and service, that no one faces breast cancer alone or is uninformed. To achieve this mission WARR will focus on:

  • Education: Providing women at risk for those living with breast cancer information relating to prevention and treatment options. Allowing for the best decision-making process which will impact all breast cancer-related issues

  • Collaboration: Working with health care professionals, communities, and educational organizations to reach a wide audience to increase public awareness of breast cancer prevention and treatment.

  • Service: Annual Health Fair, to provide connection with additional healthcare resources for the communities to maximize their needs and an advantage when making medical decisions on where to go

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Founder and CEO

Mrs. Totlyn M. Taylor-Newby is always proud to share that she was born in Port Maria, St. Mary Parish, Jamaica, West Indies. Prior to coming to the United States, Ms. Taylor-Newby received a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language, from Clonmel College. After college, she joined the Jamaican Constabulary (police), Force and served her community for over ten years. She migrated to the United States, and worked as a social worker for the District of Columbia, Human Resource Department, where she serves for over twenty years. Very involved in her children’s education and wellbeing, she was a Boy Scout leader for seventeen years, receiving the coveted and highest Boy Scout Award, the Award of Merit.

In 1998 Ms. Taylor-Newby was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. After a barrage of treatments including Mastectomy and chemotherapy., Ms. Taylor, with her faith in God, surrounded by her two loving daughters, Dawn and Denise, and son Dwight, along with an entourage of friends and family, Mrs. Taylor would overcome and, as she likes to say … “Beat Breast Cancer” More than a Survivor!

Once on the road to recovery, Ms. Taylor joined the fight to eradicate this disease. During her research to educate herself, she learnt that one in eight women in the United States is diagnosed. As a visionary and a quest to help others, she founded Women at Real Risk (WARR), a non-profit Breast Cancer Awareness Organization.

While serving in the Washington DC Metro Area, in 1998, she looked globally, and wanted to know why so many women in her homeland, Jamaica was dying from breast cancer. Her research concluded that Breast Cancer education was not readily available on the island. In 1999 she launched WARR Annual Medical Mission Trip to Port Maria Hospital, St. Mary, Jamaica. She started with education and delivering programmatic information that teaches women how to perform breast self-examinations, and how to recognize signs and symptoms for awareness of the disease, along with providing printed materials.

Since the inception of WARR it has served over 10,000 women and men in the DMV area specifically and combined with the Medical Mission to the Parish of St. Mary, Jamaica. Because of her humanitarian services and her personal experience with Breast Cancer, she has a passion for life and continues to educate as many people as possible of this potential, but treatable life-threatening disease.

As an additional out-reach, Mrs. Taylor started an Academic and Health Related Program at an all-girl’s High School also, in the parish of St. Mary, which housed over seven hundred students

Mrs. Taylor is a Trustee of her Church, and she continues to volunteers with several other organizations throughout the Washington DC Metro area. She was married, and has four children: Dwight, Dawn and Denise, Donovan (deceased), and is the proud grandmother of her only grandson, aka the love of her life

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